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Dialysis powder
Content:   Each Binate bag/pure cartridge contains 700g of sodium bicarbonate powder(USP and Ph, Eur. grade)
Capacity:   Together with a suitable acid concentrate each Binate bag will yield enough sodium bicarbonate solution to produce 200L of dialysis fluid with a bicarbonate concentration of 34 mmol/1.
Duration:   6h 45min at 500ml/min dialysis fluid flow rate 4h 50min at 700ml/min dialysis fluid flow rate .
Storage:    below+40℃

Requirements on acid concentrate
The acid concentrate must be designed for use with pure bicarbonate concentrate and have a dilution ratio of 1:35(1+34)AS an example, Gambro concentrate204 can be used. When mixed 1:35(1+34) th result is(mmol/1):Sodium 103
                        Potassium 2
                        Calcium 1.75
                        Magnesium 0.5
                        Chloride 109.5
                        Acetate 3
Together with the sodium bicarbonate concentrate from the Binate bag , the final dialysis fluid will have a sodium concentration of 140 mmol/1 and a bicarbonate concentration of34 mmol/1 at a normal machine setting.